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 HVAC Comfortech 9/15/2006 in Baltimore, MD.


Ruud Partners With ServiceMagic® to Link Ready-to-Buy Consumers With Top Contractors Via the Internet
Fort Smith, AR - 4/12/2006
Internet search engines direct consumers requests for HVAC services to a Top Contractor listing located on ServiceMagic's Web site.

Ruud Partners With ACCA to Expand Choices of Business Courses Available from Ruud
Fort Smith, AR - 4/10/2006
The Training Network: Tools For Success adds ACCA “School of Business” courses to menu of technical, business, and sales training programs for today’s busy contractor.

Ruud Introduces New Optimized 14-SEER Residential Package Family
Fort Smith, AR - 4/5/2006
NEW high efficiency, residential package family qualifies for Energy Star label.

Ruud Debuts New Optimized 13-SEER Resiential Package Family Unit With R-410-A Refrigerant
Fort Smith, AR - 4/4/2006
NEW contractor-inspired residential package family unit features smooth-line, easy-access cabinets for reduced installation and service time.

The Ruud Achiever Series® Super Quiet 80 With None of the Roar
Fort Smith, AR - 3/3/2006
Most of us love the roar of a good crowd. But the sound of a noisy furnace turning on and off is one roar we can all do without.

Ruud Improves Protection Plus Warranty Program
Fort Smith, AR - 3/2/2006
The Protection Plus warranty is an extended service protection program for Ruud air conditioning and heating equipment that gives customers a longer warranty.

Improved Kwik Comfort Program Offers Wallet Comfort Solutions
Fort Smith, AR - 3/1/2006
The Ruud Air Conditioning Division partnered with GE Retail Sales Finance to upgrade the Kwik Comfort Consumer Financing Program.

Ruud Leading the Way in Size and Design Trends
Fort Smith, AR - 2/28/2006
Ruud is leading the way in the design trend of the compact furnace.

Save Money with a Ruud Heat Pump System
Fort Smith, AR - 2/27/2006
Looking for a way to stop wasting energy?

What the Energy Policy Act of 2005 Can do for You
Fort Smith, AR - 2/24/2006
Consumers who purchase energy-efficient appliances and products such as heating and cooling equipment can receive a tax credit of up to $500.

Ruud Uses Trade Shows to Listen and Respond to its Customers
Fort Smith, AR - 2/23/2006
A trade show in the HVAC industry isn't just another day to walk around and look at equipment.

Ruud Partners with Energy Star
Fort Smith, AR - 2/22/2006
The Ruud Air Conditioning Division is a partner with Energy Star.

Ruud Uses American Home Comfort Study to Understand Consumer Preferences
Fort Smith, AR - 2/21/2006
The American Home Comfort Study surveyed more than 19,322 homeowners on how they decide to purchase their HVAC system.

Beware of HVAC Pirates Sailing the Internet’s Seas
Ft. Smith, AR - 2/16/2006
The pirates that sailed the Seven Seas in the 18th Century are at it again on the Internet in the 21st Century.

Ruud Featured on 13-SEER Webinar Series
Ft. Smith, AR - 2/15/2006
The Ruud Air Conditioning Division is comprised of innovative thinkers who focus on providing you with a reliable HVAC system.

Rely on Ruud to Improve the Indoor Air Quality of Your Home
Ft. Smith, AR - 2/15/2006
The Ruud Air Conditioning Division understands that a key ingredient to a comfortable, healthy home is the quality of the air in your home.

Five Steps to Greening Your Remodeled Home
Ft. Smith, AR - 2/14/2006
With gas prices soaring and no end in sight, many are taking “going green” to another level—their home.

Ruud Experts Offer Advice on How to Save Money on Energy Bills This Winter
Ft. Smith, AR - 2/14/2006
The U.S. Government officials predict that homeowners will spend about 24 percent more this year in energy bills.

Prestigious Industry Awards Make Ruud the Most Reliable Manufacturer
Ft. Smith, AR - 2/13/2006
If you’re looking for a reliable HVAC system that has been recognized at leading industry trade shows for its advanced technology, look no further than Ruud.

Ruud Offers Protection You Can Count On
Ft. Smith, AR - 2/13/2006
Ruud HVAC equipment is among the most technologically advanced and reliable in the industry.

Ruud Air Conditioning Division Showcased New Lineup of 13-SEER Light Commercial Package Products at 2006 AHR Expo
Fort Smith, AR - 2/9/2006
Ruud Air Conditioning Division featured its new lineup of 13-SEER Light Commercial Package Products during the 2006 AHR Expo.

Ruud Air Conditioning Division Debuted 13-SEER Optimized Residential Package Units at 2006 AHR Expo
Fort Smith, AR - 2/8/2006
Ruud Air Conditioning Division introduced its new lineup of Optimized 13-SEER Residential Package Products during the world’s largest trade show in the HVAC industry, the AHR Expo.

Ruud Air Conditioning Division Introduced New 13-SEER Optimized Residential Condensing Units
Fort Smith, AR - 2/7/2006
Ruud Air Conditioning Division has introduced the new Ruud Achiever Series® 13-SEER optimized condensing units at the 2006 AHR Expo.

Ruud Air Conditioning Division Showcased Three New Air Handlers at the 2006 AHR Expo
Fort Smith, AR - 2/6/2006
Ruud Air Conditioning Division introduced a new line of air handlers designed to give contractors greater comfort and efficiency advantages in warmer climates where a gas furnace is not the preferred home comfort solution at the 2006 AHR Expo in Chicago.

Ruud is Going Green and Cool With R-410A Refrigerant
Fort Smith, AR - 2/3/2006
With gas prices soaring and the ozone depleting, the HVAC industry knows that it is important to conserve our resources.

Ruud Awards Scholarships to Top High School Graduates
Fort Smith, AR - 2/2/2006
The Ruud Air Conditioning Division is proud to present three top high school graduates with the Ruud Scholarship Award.

13-SEER is Finally Here
Fort Smith, AR - 1/23/2006
The 13-SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) minimum efficiency standard states that any air conditioner or heat pump manufactured after Jan. 23, 2006 must be of 13-SEER or higher.

Ruud Hurricane Relief
Milledeville, GA and Fort Smith, AR - 12/20/2005
Milledgeville, Ga., Fort Smith, Ark.-based Rheem employees immediately sprang into action and collected money to assist the thousands who were affected.



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